Cyber Security has become a requirement

Not only to protect commerce financially, but also legally...

you are a target

everyone is a victim

demand is growing

it can not be met

figures show

astonishing trends

Right now businesses are being pressured more and more to invest in additional security services in the attempt to keep up with evolving dangers. The consequences of not being prepared are/will be catastrophic for companies and their customers. In the process of deciding how to establish and operate a business, many business owners of varying power and influence hardly take into consideration the guaranteed attack on their information technology investments. If leadership does not lead by example, department managers will be uneasy about delegating to subordinates the required implementation of common sense computing safeguards.


the world and almost all technology is connected

With so many people on the planet having access to technology. With so many governments and markets being co-dependent on each other; the negative consequences of computer systems having control over civilization is endangering not only personal identities or payment transactions, but also national infrastructure safety and environmental integrity.

A Human Rights concern

cyber criminals and spies preying on the innocent

Illegal actions against individuals and companies are not only carried out by criminal cells, but also state-sponsored agencies and their non-governmental contracted propagators. Legitimate business operations are being affected by such revelations; this means profits will continue to be hampered if economic activity isn't left alone by the misuse of information technology systems.

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June 23

Half of Household Gadgets at Risk of Attack

Smart devices range from anything, including the latest toys that parents give to their children. A survey of 15 devices by the consumer group Which? found that 8 were vulnerable to wireless hacking. Read More...

June 22

Aussie Traffic Light Cams Hit by Malware

The Dept. of Justice and Regulation confirmed the "WannaCry" virus has hit private camera operator RedFlex, which operates most cameras in the state. Victorian Police is having the Road Safety Camera Commissioner to investigate. Read More...

June 21

Honda Assembly Line Shutdown by Virus

Honda was forced to temporarily shut down its car plant in Sayama, Japan, after some of its computer systems were infected with the infamous WannaCry ransomware. Read More...

June 20

South Korean Web Host Pays $1m+ Ransom

The ransomware attacked more than 153 servers that South Korean web provider Nayana hosted, locking up more than 3,400 websites on June 10. The hackers demanded 550 bitcoins to free up all the servers - about $1.62 million. Read More...

June 19

198m Voters Exposed by RNC Contractor

A data analytics contractor employed by the Republican National Committee (RNC) left databases containing information on nearly 200 million potential voters exposed to the internet without security. Read More...


IoT Goes Nuclear: Creating a ZigBee Chain Reaction

Within the next few years, billions of IoT devices will densely populate our cities. In this paper we  describe a new type of threat in which adjacent IoT devices will infect each other with a worm  that will rapidly spread over large areas, provided that the density of compatible IoT devices exceeds a certain critical mass.

We focus in this paper on the popular Philips Hue smart lamps which had been sold (especially  in  the European market) in large numbers since 2012. The communication between the lamps and their controllers is carried out by the Zigbee protocol, which is the radio link of choice between many IoT devices due to its simplicity, wide availability, low cost, low power consumption, robustness, and long range (its main disadvantage compared to WiFi radio communication is its limited bandwidth, which is not a real problem in most IoT applications).

Eyal Ronen, Colin O’Flynn, and Achi-Or Weingarten - Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel