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Cyber security is no longer a luxury; it is a requirement. And it is not solely a product, but a precise process. Proactive safeguards and responsible acknowledgment of incidents — ensure liability and operation(s) needs are covered; consumers demand no less. There are two types of people and organizations: Those that have been hacked and know it — and those that don't know it yet. Is your organization prepared? Are you?
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Cleaning up messes for our clients has inspired us to keep those messes from happening in the first place. We are always tinkering with better ways to actually make a positive impact when countering threats; thus achieving true results...
Anti-Tampering Log File Detection Suite

Utilizing a unique method of fusing the results of two parallel cryptographic functions in order to mathematically prove that an audit log has not been tampered with, modified, or replaced.

This product allows for a Single Origin Cryptographic Chain of Custody (SOCCC/SO-3C) which alleviates unnecessary overhead via expensive 3rd party log storage — with limited guarantees of integrity or prompt access by system administrators.

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Data & Critical Infrastructure Air Gap Integrity

Air gap isolation is the only methodology which provides highly reliable security for data and networks. Historically, the tradeoff for using an air gap has been convenience and ease.

By providing microprocessor controlled out of band control signaling from a completely isolated physical channel, the EtherGap™ makes automated use of a full air gap as easy as a traditional VLAN, but vastly more secure.

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Mandatory GDPR Compliance Prep

The European Union's (E.U.) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect the 25th of May 2018 and applies to any company that handles personal data of European residents. It covers all companies operating in the E.U., even if there is no physical presence in the E.U.

GDPR specifies organizations must designate a technical and policy manager for data protection, certifying that data collection governance is minimizing the impact on privacy rights, collect only data that is needed immediately, and not stockpile information for later use.

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CAN-bus Firewall Chip System

This solution is a product which denies unknown/unauthorized signal credentials between vulnerable systems and Mission Critical Systems (MCS’s).

This is a middle-tier device — bridging input/output processes and services for embedded and external devices — which functions in a transparent manner by avoiding the common pitfall of affecting vehicle performance or system integration.

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Keyboard Audio Listening Prevention Shroud

One particular method of revealing the patterns of a device user is via electronic hardware sound signature analysis. This advanced method of attack is becoming more frequently utilized with results.

This natively embedded solution modulates random keyboard stroke audio sequences in order to confuse and deny sound signature analysis attempts by malicious entities.

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Things We Do
There is no single solution to achieve proper protection assurance; a tri-aspect approach is needed involving hardware, software, and human domain intervention. With our insurance and legal entity relationships, there is no technical or policy related element which cannot be remedied...
Threat Modeling
Stamp out shadow IT and application weaknesses by getting a birds eye view of your data ecosystems. Threat Modeling grants a full picture of what's going on inside a network — or a device's operating systems and its applications. When compliance auditing is needed, this process covers that requirement.
Vulnerability Testing
All systems have open doors or windows that need to be identified and closed. By allowing for a ethical prodding of the attributes that software, hardware, physical locations, and even people have — we can expose the holes and secure them before a malicious entity attempts to infiltrate and cause damage.
Forensics Investigation
When a cyber incident occurs, many governments require by law that an individual or wider organization conduct a complete investigation into what happened. Severe fines and even criminal prosecution of those holding and using personally identifiable information can occur if things are not looked into.
Training & Education
The more technology we have the faster we acquire technology. With mobile devices, cloud storage, dynamic websites, and other complex information transfer mediums overwhelming those that interact with them, a focus on understanding the functions and shortfalls of these technologies is paramount.
Managed Security Provisions
Sometimes an organization does not have the staff, experience, or resources to integrate and maintain the complex safeguards that are needed to ensure technology integrity. Accepting the help of a qualified support team for security and privacy matters will enhance business output.
Insurance & Legal Support
When a data breach occurs there are many steps that have to be taken in order to respond properly. Cyber insurance and a legal representatives are a must have to cover the costs and potential public relations and/or government regulatory challenges. Consider that information security goes beyond the technical.
Malware Detection & Removal
There are thousands of different strains of digital pathogens floating around the Internet; even already pre-installed on new computing products through supply chain compromise. Such computer viruses are not easily detected, and they require those with experience to identify and disinfect affected systems.
DDoS Mitigation
Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are a real threat businesses and organizations deal with daily, but this does not mean they have to endure them. It's not always enough just to have a DDoS attack mitigation service in place. Understanding the quality of your DDoS protection is key.
Quality Control Code Review
Consumer and commercial products are often rushed to market; this is a major reason why so much cyber crime exists — and why this crime is only becoming more common. Before purchasing or integrating new electronic materials for utilization, software code needs to be deemed safe; least compromise occurs.
Ransomware Self-Defense
The best defense against ransomware is to outwit attackers. By being willing to frustrate and unmask the pillagers who plan and execute these highly disruptive and lucrative attacks, a reduction in harm across the digital economy is an achievable goal. Paying to restore systems is not an option.
Hardware Customization
Physical electronic hardware can have embedded sabotage — or simply incorrect architecture — which can not only allow for illegal eavesdropping against targeted persons, but also reduce performance; affecting work output. Modifying such materials can help to make them more secure and reliable.
Digital Intelligence
More times than not one occurrence of data being sold on the Dark Web follows the same pattern as others. Locating and removing sensitive consumer and business information from underground marketplaces can spare a brand's image — and protect the public from criminal activity.
Data Governance Consulting
It has taken many years for the warnings of Information Age dangers to fully come to fruition. Yet much is still not recognized by aloof consumers, businesses executives, and government officials. Security related knowledge must be embraced by the marketplace in order to navigate these dynamics.
Solutions Development
Innovation never ceases; especially for nefarious minds dreaming up new ways of stealing things and breaking things. The fight must continue and this requires new solutions, both technologically and methodologically wise. Support for such benevolent endeavors requires financial and social engagement.
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